Why do we dream?
  The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming
sleep and dreams

Why Do We Dream?

Discover the connection between your emotions, dreams and nightmares

Have you ever wondered why we evolved to dream? Or what your dreams mean? Or why your dreams can seem so real and meaningful when you experience them but are then mostly forgotten? Or why, when you do manage to remember a dream, it often seems so weird?

This site contains the answers to these age-old mysteries as well as explaining the connection between dreaming, depression, schizophrenia and hypnosis. It also explains the overwhelming importance to evolution of the brain state known as REM (rapid eye movements).

When something evolves in Nature it is usually for a good reason and dreaming is no different. The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming (first published in 1993 by psychologist Joe Griffin) explains how, far from being a mere by-product of 'brain down-time' as some people think, or a way of consolidating memories as others suggest, dreaming evolved to play a central role in keeping us sane. However, in some circumstances, it can, quite literally, drive us mad.

Read on to find out more about the expectation fufilment theory of dreams ...

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"A lovely, evocative expression of the richness of the mind … The linkage of waking emotional material to dreams is entirely convincing." Professor Rosalind Cartwright

> Watch Joe Griffin's talk about why we evolved to dream and how new research continues to back up his theory



“One of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the
last hundred years.”

Farouk Okhai

Consultant Psychiatrist

"Absolutely the right
way forward"

BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind' on the human givens approach

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