Why do we dream?
  The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming
sleep and dreams

Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin is a research psychologist with graduate and postgraduate degrees from the London School of Economics. He has had many years' experience both in psychotherapeutic practice and in training psychotherapists and is hugely influential in the world of psychotherapy. 

Joe Griffin is a psychologist with many years’ experience both in psychotherapeutic practice and in training psychotherapists – over the last decade thousands of health professionals have enjoyed his practical workshops and seminars on effective psychotherapy for treating anxiety related disorders, depression, anger, trauma, addiction and much more.

Griffin works at the leading edge of skills-based therapy research and practice and is co-developer, with Ivan Tyrrell, of the human givens approach to psychology and behaviour. Originally developed from studying the effectiveness or otherwise of psychological interventions used by psychotherapists and counsellors, the approach is proving of tremendous practical benefit and as a result is now used by a wide range of caring and health professionals, as well as in education, social work, business and even diplomacy.

Griffin is widely recognised as one of the most entertaining speakers on human behaviour and psychology and has been a consultant psychologist and contributor for two major TV series on anger (BBC's All the Rage and LWT's Red Mist II). He also regularly appears on the radio, both in Ireland and the UK (including BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind), and has been interviewed for numerous publications, including the New Scientist, Financial Times and the Washington Times.

He is co-author, with Ivan Tyrrell, of numerous books and publications, and sits on the Editorial Board of the Human Givens Journal.

Joe lives in Ireland with his wife and family.

Publications include:

Human Givens: the new approach to emotional health and clear thinking

Why we dream: the definitive answer

How to lift depression... fast

Freedom from Addiction: The secret behind successful addiction busting

How to Master Anxiety: All you need to know to overcome stress, panic attacks, phobias, trauma, obsessions and more

An Idea in Practice: Using the human givens approach

For a variety of CDs, also see: www.humangivens.com/cds/

Articles include:

Vol 9 No 1
How to lift depression safely and quickly

Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell explain how and why a human givens approach can help therapists shift depression in just a few sessions — or less. Read >>

Vol 11 No 1
Great Expectations
Joe Griffin goes back to basics to arrive at a some powerful new insights into the givens of human nature. Read >>

Vol 12 No 3
Post-traumatic stress disorder: why some treatments work so fast
In this article, Joe Griffin suggests that technqiues which can yield
immediate success, may share an underlying mechanism. Read >>

Vol 10 No 1
Are we just big babies: the origins of human behaviour
Clive Bromhall tells Joe Griffin why he thinks the newborn chimpanzee holds the key to human evolution and behaviour. See back issue.

Vol 8 No 2
Examining the examiners
Joe Griffin examines the flaws in a widely reported recent clinical trial on depression treatments. See back issue.

Vol 8 No 1
The APET model: emotions come first
Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell introduce a biologically based theory that updates cognitive approaches to changing behaviour. See back issue.

Vol 7 No 3
“This trembling web”: the brain and beyond
Joe Griffin talks to Professor Ian Robertson about psychological impacts on the brain and how the mind is affected by therapy. See back issue.

Vol 7 No 1
How to instigate change
Joe Griffin shares his knowledge of what makes a therapy session work.
See back issue.


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Joe Griffin Research Psychologist

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