Why do we dream?
  The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming
sleep and dreams

Why we dream — Find your way around

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> The puzzle

> The theory
Summary of the theory
The veracity of the theory
Neurobiological research
What about lucid dreaming?

> Practical applications
Treating Depression
Human Givens Psychotherapy

> Interpreting dreams
How to interpret your own dreams
False memory syndrome
— Dream examples
Freud and Jung
Freud's dream of Irmas Injection
Jung's House dream

> Other dream theories
How the theory explains other dream theories

> Why we forget our dreams

> Depression and dreaming
Diagram of the cycle of depression

> The REM state

> About Joe Griffin

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> FAQs
If we all dream every night, why do I not remember my dreams?
Why do we have repetative dreams?
How can nightmares be de-stressing us?
Can dreams predict the future?
Can dreams provide solutions to problems?
When I was coming out of my depression, I recalled fewer
   dreams yet you say we dream more when we are depressed,
   how can this be?
Are all dreams in metaphor?
Why do we dream in metaphor?
What about lucid dreaming?



why we dream

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