Why do we dream?
  The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming
sleep and dreams

Links to other sites

Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin works as an NHS psychiatrist. He is also a Human Givens therapist providing a private and confidential psychotherapy and counselling service for Luton, South Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire.

Caetextia - a website from the same authors of 'Why-we-dream.com' about a new definition for high functioning autism.
Alex Parker offers HND therapeutic counselling and informal acknowledgment for personal development. He incorporates and advocate strongly the use of the ethical approach and guidelines published in "Human Givens : A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking"

The Velvet Mind website provides many new insights into emotional health and wellbeing.

WhoStressed.co.uk is the website of Tony Gauvain, a Human Givens Therapist, specialising in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Phobias.

Your Freedom Area provides a variety of free downloads to aid training and learning about effective therapy.

AnalyseDreams.co.uk is a non profit website dedicated to helping you understand your dreams.



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