Why do we dream?
  The expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming
sleep and dreams

Responses to the theory

"The bridge between neurophysiology and psychology — I read it with pleasure." Professor Michel Jouvet

"Very convincing. Much more acceptable than Freudian or Jungian notions. And Joe Griffin's interpretations of their dreams is entirely reasonable." H. J. Eysenck

"… a lovely, evocative expression of the richness of the mind as it changes language from prose to poetry. The linkage of waking emotional material to dreams is entirely convincing and so useful in treatment, paticularly for the patient who is stuck." Professor Rosalind Cartwright, author of Crisis Dreaming

"… makes much more sense than the ideas about dreams of Freud and Jung. I particularly like the incorporation of the physiological evidence into a theroretical view of the function of dreams." Dr Andrew Mayes, co-editor of Dreams & Dreaming

"One of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last hundred years." Dr Farouk Okhai

"The conclusions arrived at in Dreaming Reality are breathtaking, and given the freedom that the reader has to apply to his or herself, they prove to be astonishng. This book gives such rational explanations that the cumulative effect is like turning on a light in a room full of shadows. Read it for yourself, without prejudice, and try it out — just feel those dark shadows withdraw." Mental Health Practice

"Joe Griffin's key insight … [means that] weekly excavation of your painful past in an attempt to understand your present depression has never seemed so foolish. These is a new king in the sacred grove [of psychology]." Financial Times

"For anyone who has speculated on the meaning and purpose of dreaming, Griffin and Tyrrell's astounding insights light up the dark corners of the mind. Not since 1964 when Carl Jung's book Man and his Symbols was published has anyone set out to write so conclusively on dreaming for a wide audience. Griffin and Tyrrell [propose] that dreaming functions to cleanse the undischarged emotional arousals of the day and they explain how this happens through metaphorical pattern-matching. From this one sets off on the journey to understanding the true causes of (and routes to healing) depression.
This book is revolutionary in thought, revelatory in content and will be established as the most important twenty-first century milestone on the road to accessible mental health treatment for all. It's a must for all who live with mental illness or work for its relief.” Ian Hunter OBE

"This book is revolutionary in more than one way. Past and sometimes over-looked research is re-evaluated, and a persuasive theory emerges … long overdue in my mind … an intriguing guidebook." Doris Lessing

"Tells the remarkable story of Joe Griffin's 12 year quest to solve the question of why we dream, and vividly describes the practical uses this knowledge brings to us all … compelling reading for all dreamers." The Alternative

"The authors propose a purpose and function of dreaming that is rather enticing … and sets the imagination going." The Irish Psychologist

"This is a book which is scientific and understandable, practical as well as theoretical and which brings clarity to a subject which has intrigued the human race for millennia." Footnotes Journal

"Dreaming Reality exquisitely scythes through the Gordian knot created by past dream theories. Even better, like all the very best explanations, its central theme is as far-reaching as it is intuitive. Through a fascinating combination of dream examples and scientific findings, it provides lucid and compelling evidence for how our night and daydreams not only mould our personalities but also lie at the very heart of being human." Dr Clive Bromhall, author of 'The Eternal Child'

"Compelling reading. Griffin and Tyrrell's adroitly written text challenges traditional views on our knowledge and understanding of the mystifying covert world of human dreams." Prof Tony Charlton, Professor of behavioural studies, University of Gloucestershire

"With this book we can now see, at last, how and why we evolved to dream. Joe Griffin's discovery represents a giant leap forward in our understanding of human psychology and behaviour and has great practical implications." The Therapist

"This theory is an important milestone in our understanding … rigorously scientific … it has much more in common with the methods of Piaget (although this book is more lucid than Piaget's turgid prose). It brings together epistemological, evolutionary, physiological and psychological aspects of dreaming in a satisfying, comprehensive way … destined for an important future." Edward Hayes, psychologist

"Fascinating … moves our understanding on significantly. I have a hunch it will prove a watershed in our exploration of the evolution of mental processes." Dr Douglas McFadzean

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dreaming reality

For the full story of Griffin's
ground-breaking research, the resulting insights and applications, as well as all references, see: Dreaming Reality:
How dreaming keeps us sane,
or can drive us mad


Read the interview with Joe Griffin    
in the New Scientist

Neurobiology and neurochemistry research supports the theory


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